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10 cooking tips: How to be a good cook?

Cooking is an activity that can be very satisfying and entertaining. The transformation of the ingredients, the mixture of flavors and aromas, as well as the sensory enjoyment that food provokes are just some of the reasons why cooking is captivating. Would you like to turn this taste into something else and be a good cook?

How to be a good cook?

Have you seen chefs cook in any movies? They throw the condiments as if they were juggling, they chop the vegetables at full speed, they even seem to have a sixth sense to know the exact point of doneness. More than just cooks they seem like artists, although it may seem like an innate talent, much of this confidence and skill comes from years and years of experience in the kitchen.

So, as in many cases, the saying that practice makes perfect applies. Here we have 10 simple tips to perfect your culinary skills and become a great cook.

10 cooking tips to cook like a chef

1. Order, order and more order

Maintaining order in the kitchen is very important. This is not just about knowing where all the utensils are. It means cooking in an orderly manner, having all the ingredients ready in one place, before turning on the stove. So that when you start with the preparation you don't forget any of them.

Always try to be as systematic as possible, even if you have the opportunity take notes when preparing your recipes.

2. Practice as much as you can

We already said "practice makes perfect". To be able to turn food like a pro, you have to practice over and over again. You already know the movement: a quick twist of the wrist, the food rises into the air and then lands gently in the pan. Little by little you will perfect it and perhaps more than once the food will fall out of the pan, but with this movement you will guarantee that the food is cooked evenly, without the need to use annoying shovels.

3. Observe and you will learn

The next time you watch recipe videos or go to the house of that friend who cooks phenomenally, pay attention to each of the gestures they make. Observing is a great way to learn. Experts tend to have simpler ways of doing things. For example, many chefs prefer to use scissors to cut fish or clean shrimp, since it is usually more complicated with a knife.

4. Dare to experiment

As you master some recipes, feel free to experiment by adding new ingredients or slightly changing preparation methods or times. What happens if you add some fruit to the pancake mix? Sometimes you may not get what you expected, but by making mistakes you learn. So you can give it your personal touch and even create your own recipes.

5. Don't waste

Another of the great secrets of chefs is that in the kitchen everything is used, well, almost everything. The reality is that sometimes there are parts of food that can be used to make other dishes. For example, stale bread can be used to make pudding or you can take advantage of that leftover chicken to fill a chicken pie or accompany a pasta.

6. Research new recipes

Expert chefs are always up to date with new ingredients, recipes and preparation methods to surprise the most demanding palates. That is why if you want to innovate in your kitchen, it is recommended that you investigate with friends, on social networks or even in your favorite restaurants what their latest culinary innovations are.

7. Take every opportunity you get to cook

To put your gastronomic skills into practice, try to take advantage of every opportunity you have. Cook all your meals, invite friends or family to eat at your house, if you need to help in a meeting, offer to take care of the kitchen, you can even have fun cooking with your family or with your partner.

8. Look for the best recipes

As you cook more. You will realize that some recipes do not offer enough information or detail about the ingredients or preparation processes, so it will be necessary for you to compare the different recipes that you have at your disposal to achieve the best result.

9. Broaden your horizons

Have you ever wondered how you can experience new flavors? To be a good cook it is important to expand your gastronomic horizons, so every time you have the opportunity to learn about food from other cultures that you have not tried before, take advantage of it. Seek restaurant and food recommendations from friends who consider themselves foodies.

10. The perfect fried egg

While it is true that chefs are known for being able to come up with the most complicated recipes. A good cook must be able to prepare the simplest foods to perfection. For example, to make a fried egg, wait for the egg to harden after taking it out of the refrigerator and make sure the oil is between 170°C and 185°C. The cooking time should be between 20 and 30 seconds, just enough to make the egg white slightly toast and the yolk retain its creamy texture.

What other advice would you add to be a good cook? The important thing is to get to work and enjoy the great experience that cooking offers.

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