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10 Tips to Make Your Bartenders Great

Although many young people seek work in the hospitality industry, and especially as a waiter, either as a summer job, to finance part of their studies or simply as temporary experience, being a waiter is a real job . Therefore, there is a noticeable difference between bartenders who do it out of necessity and those who do it by choice. Be that as it may, asking yourself how to be a good waiter and trying to give your best should be a priority in your work.

Like any job, being a good waiter is learned over time . However, some people innately possess the necessary qualities and aptitudes that will make him or her an  exceptional waiter : rigour, precision, dynamism, friendliness, attentiveness, coordination... The list of qualities necessary to be a good waiter and be successful! in this trade is extensive!

Do not forget that the profitability of your business, the increase in income and the loyalty of your customers depend on a quality service. Hence the importance of defining your objectives well, as well as the qualities and skills that your waiters must possess, before  hiring  new staff.
Here are the 10 tips that will make your waiters exceptional waiters!


10 tips to be a good waiter

1. It is essential to present yourself properly

Simple and understandable by all, the presentation of the room staff is directly related to the image of your establishment.

2. Be smiling, pleasant and friendly

During a service, errors or problems may occur. If the waiter knows how to present the facts, they can be easily fixed. It's easier to miss the mistake if it's someone nice!

3. Be a good salesperson

A good waiter is also a good salesperson. You have to know how to advise your customers and subtly guide them towards what interests you (drinks, stocks to run out...)

4. Know the restaurant menu

A good waiter has to know the dishes, the origin of the ingredients and the recipes . The kitchen and the service have to be in contact. A waiter should not settle for seeing the dishes before serving them. You also have to know how they have been prepared and, of course, taste them. What is known is best sold.

5. Be prompt during service, but also discreet

The balance between the two is not always easy to find. To be a good waiter, you have to be fast, be present in the room and know how to go unnoticed. There is nothing more unpleasant than seeing waiters running from one place to another. A waiter must be available to customers and be prompt in his service without forgetting to spend part of his time advising customers.

6. Control the rhythm during the service

A good waiter must perfectly control the rhythm of the meals in order to be able to remove the empty plates and serve the next ones. Having to wait between courses is particularly unpleasant for your customers and multiplying the comings and goings between the dining room and the kitchen wastes a lot of time.

Think about how orders are taken. Whether at the bar or directly at the tables, the fact of being able to send orders to the kitchen or any claim from the dining room saves you a lot of time and increases the turnover of the tables. Remember: optimal table turnover = increased revenue.


7. Know how to set and remove a table

Whether to set or clear a table, everything must be done following a protocol, and the waiter must know it: remove the appetizers before serving the next dish, clear the table, remove the accessories (salt, pepper shakers...) and clean the crumbs before to serve dessert.

8. Know how to handle a conflict during the service

A good waiter has to know how to handle, calmly and diplomatically, the hazards of the trade: a customer in a bad mood, a dish on the menu that is not available or of poor quality, cork-tasting wine, an error in the order or the account... Solving these types of problems with agility will allow you to increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, their loyalty.

9. Know how to present the account and collect quickly

Modern order taking tools and POS software allow you to avoid, and even cancel, account-related problems. A customer should never wait in front of the cash register, even if the payment is complicated (split the bill, multiple charges, split a bottle of wine...). The POS software must offer you an intuitive solution for collection, even when it is complex. 


10. Leave a good memory to customers

Always have a kind or pleasant word when your customers are leaving. It is the last contact with the establishment, so it would be ideal if they left with a positive feeling. A good waiter will always be available to say goodbye and wish you back soon.

The bartenders play an important role in terms of notation and reviews that customers will leave you both online and by word of mouth. 

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