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7 tips to start working in a restaurant as a kitchen assistant

For this reason starting to work in a bar or restaurant is a good option to find a job quickly. In addition, if you start working from the base, little by little you can promote yourself until you even get Michelin stars; this is for example what happened to María Marte .

Experts in this industry indicate that starting to work as a kitchen assistant is an excellent option since the kitchen is where much of the success of many restaurants is found. Chefs and kitchen assistants are directly responsible for the quality of the food served, possibly one of the main reasons that customers return to the establishment in the near future. If you would like to work as a kitchen helper to be promoted in a short time to positions of more responsibility, you should take into account the following tips:


Academic training is highly valued

During the last decade, restaurant kitchens in our country have evolved by leaps and bounds, and most employers are looking for employees with the appropriate educational background regardless of the position they hold. Kitchen assistant courses are a good option to acquire basic knowledge about this profession, but some experts agree that Vocational Training is the right way to open a niche in the restaurant sector. For example, in FP you can get the Basic Professional Title in Kitchen and Restoration or the Kitchen and Gastronomy Technician . Remember that you can also find face-to-face and distance cookery courses .

Use the right documents when looking for a kitchen help job

If you want to leave a good impression from the beginning, show your professionalism from the moment you apply for the kitchen help job . It is necessary to write a good CV and one that is adapted to the restaurant sector. In your CV, in addition to your personal data, you must also indicate experience and academic training. Some candidates usually attach a cover letter along with their CV highlighting 2-3 personal or professional achievements that make them stand out from the rest of the candidates. If the resume shows a kitchen assistant profile that fits the needs of the restaurant, you will have to pass a personal interview before you can sign your kitchen assistant contract.

Learn the tasks of a kitchen helper

The main functions of a kitchen helper are the following:

  • Make sure that the kitchen meets the hygienic conditions expected in a restaurant and required by current law. For example, keeping kitchen utensils clean, cleaning and mopping the floors, taking out the garbage, putting dishes, pots and pans in their place, or organizing and storing merchandise in pantries and freezers.
  • Keep track of stocks by informing the executive chef or immediate manager if something needs to be purchased.
  • Help the cooks and chefs to prepare the dishes following their instructions.


You can work as a kitchen assistant abroad

One of the advantages of working as a kitchen assistant is that you can develop this profession in any country in the world. Since you don't need to interact with the public in this job, you don't need great language skills to work in countries like England, Germany, the United States or Australia. In addition, by working in a kitchen abroad you can also gradually improve your level of English or another language. If this option catches your attention, you can start preparing your resume in English .

Knowing how to work as a team is essential

Have you ever noticed the rhythm of work and activity in a kitchen? A good number of people work in this small space and need to be coordinated so as not to slow down and hinder the work of each professional. This is why it is very important to know how to work as a team to achieve the ultimate goal: customer satisfaction so that they return soon.

Learn to negotiate your contract

The main disadvantage of working as a kitchen helper is your salary. Usually, the salary of a kitchen assistant is one of the lowest in this industry and the minimum interprofessional is usually offered (900 euros in 2019). However, this does not mean that you have to work for this salary if you know how to negotiate your contract . With empathy, professionalism and data that prove your reasons, you can get a kitchen assistant salary that exceeds 1,000 euros (especially in the most touristic areas of Spain in high season).

Work for flexible people

The kitchen help job is not a job from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. The greatest volume of work in a restaurant takes place during meal times, especially on weekends. So you must take this aspect into account since it will be very difficult for you to finish work on a Saturday before midnight.


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