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Apply now and work at McDonald's

Working at McDonald's is one of the best offers in an accessible way that everyone can have, we are looking for human talent who want to belong to one of the best food chains worldwide.

McDonald's is one of the most famous fast food restaurant chains in recent times, it has approximately 38,695 restaurants in 2020, it has more than 400,000 employees worldwide, this brand has 2,000 chains in Latin America and about 2,200 dessert centers and plus more than 200 McCafé booths . It is estimated that within Latin America 3.5 million customers are served during the day.

How much is the salary of an employee at McDonalds?

An employee in this famous multinational restaurant chain earns an approximate of $240-$300 USD..

Job vacancies at McDonald's

McDonalds is recruiting young people  with a great attitude of having personal growth within our chains we are located throughout Latin America providing employment to thousands of employees every day, remember to have your resume updated to be able to apply for one of our jobs

The 10 best paid McDonald's jobs in Latin America

  • General Employer: $240 USD.
  • General Manager: $590 USD.
  • Manager: $440 USD.
  • Shift Manager: $400 USD.
  • Trainer: $1 usd / Hour.
  • Cashier: $320 USD.
  • Maintenance: $310 USD.
  • Cleaning Service: $240 USD.
  • Kitchen: $280 USD.
  • Customer Service: $240 USD.

Differences between McDonald's and Burger King

The difference between these 2 tycoons of food companies worldwide lies in what each one earns and produces McDonald's already has more than 38,000 restaurants and generates approximately $80 million/year and has 400 thousand employees, on the other hand Burger King it generates $15 million / year , it has more than 17 thousand restaurants and 200 thousand employees, what if we can see on equal terms is in the number of countries that are found since MC is in 100 countries and Burger King in 98.

How can I send my CV to McDonald's?

There are 2 ways to upload your Curriculum Via Online by online job brokers or make a video resume for them, the latter is more important than sending the Curriculum by mail, for MC it is important to know the person more thoroughly how they interact through of a video to do it is very simple here we leave you the steps that you must do

  • We enter the official page of MC ( Attention for all countries there is a different link be attentive at the bottom we will leave the links.
  • We go to the option “Record YOUR VIDEOCV” and it will ask you to enter with your google or facebook account, preferably we will use the google one.
  • In the following steps, you will only be asked for basic information about your professional profile and if you have a camera installed or you do these steps from your mobile device, it will be easier for you to fill in this information.

You will also find possibilities to work in one of the best-known auto service stores in Latin America, apply right now and work at oxxo

Jobs at McDonald's Chile

We require staff in the Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Region and Los Angeles – BioBio

Hostess McDonalds Restaurant Puente Alto – Santiago de Chile

If you have a great personality, you are attentive, outgoing and have good customer service, this job is for you, we are looking for a hostess for one of our stores in Puente Alto , your main functions will be customer service, sales service, creation of surveys Monthly Salary of $252,000 thousand Chilean Pesos if you want to enter this offer apply from this website

McDonald's operator in Los Angeles

We provide you with training as an operator so that you can exploit your skills in our premises within the BioBio area, your work will be customer service, cleaning and cleaning service and food preparation with us you will have several benefits

  • You will enjoy great job stability.
  • employee discount.
  • Personal growth within the company with scalability within your work range.
  • Company clothing at no cost.
  • Activities and Corporate Parties.

If you want to belong to our work team as an operator, enter right now here

Works at McDonald's Argentina

We are looking for energetic personnel with a very good attitude to work in our branches in Buenos Aires and Santafe.

Experience Leader in Quilmes

We request active personnel, mainly students in the Quilmes area, who have a good attitude, energetic with good empathy and with excellent customer service to join the MC team, we will offer you flexible hours for all types of employees when you start with us you will have a training program where you will be able to know 100% of this work sign up with us right now and you will have many benefits by having our family of MC if you want to join us right now visit us here

Maintenance for Locals in McDonald's Santafe

We are looking for young people between 18 and 24 years of age, if you already have a technical degree and live in the city of Rosario - Santafe, in our local maintenance work you must comply with the following measures

  • Control and prevention of equipment to perform maintenance
  • Comply with the tasks established in the premises by the contracted restaurant.
  • Grooming and Cleaning Service for equipment and machinery in the Established Premises.
  • Respond to the indications of the established requirements in a corrective manner.
  • Have a minimum of experience in the management of cold, refrigeration and electricity equipment.

For more information about this job you can approach this page and apply right now

McDonald's Employment

Jobs at McDonald's Peru

We are looking for human talent for our restaurant chain in Peru, especially in the cities of Lima and Arequipa

Customer Service McDonald's Lima

We need staff who work in the customer service area as part-time workers, if you live near or study near our restaurant we will value that request more since you will have a flexible schedule so that you continue to meet your objectives day by day, you will perform basic tasks how to prepare our menus and serve them, customer service, cleanliness of the restaurant so if you are in Lima and this job interests you, you can see more information here

Refrigeration Technician in Arequipa

We need maintenance personnel to carry out preventive maintenance routines for commercial machines and ice cream machines, to carry out diagnoses and identify possible failures of these machines in time, minimum studies in refrigeration mechanics and 1 year of experience in jobs similar to this if you are a mechanic in refrigeration and you want to apply enter right now


Jobs at McDonald's  MIAMI


enter right now

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