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From dishwasher to chef, the beginning of a brilliant career in the kitchen


If you like the world of cooking and in the near future you plan to work in this sector, even if you are preparing to work asa kitchen assistantor chef, this does not mean that right now you cannot be working in a kitchen carrying out other functions. and having other responsibilities.Some of thebest chefs in the worldindicate that their first steps in a kitchen were performing the most basic tasks, such as taking care of washing dishes and different kitchen utensils.The advantage of starting to work in a kitchen from the base (dishwasher) is that little by little you can promote yourself while acquiring basic knowledge that will be very useful when working in other positions in a restaurant.

It is expected that2018 will end with growth close to 6% in the restaurant sector, creating around 9,000 new direct jobs.This data indicates that this industry is in full growth and the kitchen can be a good place to learn how a restaurant works from its most basic job, that of dishwasher.

In this dishwasher guide we are going to explain what thefunctions of a dishwasherare , what is thesalary of a dishwasher, their profile andhow to find a job as a dishwasher.

What is a dishwasher?

Thework friegaplatosinvolves cleaning all the utensils used for cooking in a restaurant and keep the kitchen area with optimal hygienic conditions. By working as a dishwasher, the worker becomes familiar with the basic functions of a restaurant. As you get to know how a kitchen works, you will be able to promote yourself since nobody wants to work as a dishwasher forever.

Dishwasher features

Thefunctions friegaplatosusually include:

  • Prepare all the kitchen utensils so that the kitchen helpers and thechefhave everything they need at hand.
  • Load and unload the dishwasher with cutlery, glassware and crockery.
  • Hand wash certain utensils that due to their large size do not fit in a dishwasher;for example pots and pans.
  • Clean kitchen and dining area.

It is true that thefunctions of dishwashingare not very glamorous, however this profession is essential for cooks and customers to have everything they need in a proper way.For example, if the dining room does not have enough clean dishes or all the pans in the kitchen are dirty, the operation of the restaurant will slow down, affecting its productivity;that is, less income.This is why the functions of the dishwasher are very important in a kitchen.

Salary and benefits of working as a dishwasher

The big drawback of this profession is its salary.The salary of a dishwasher is usually the lowest of those offered in a restaurant since certain specific skills or qualifications are not required;the training is received in the same place of work.That is why it is normal for thedishwasher salary tobe around

interprofessional minimum wage, that is, about 900 euros.

Regarding theadvantages of working as a dishwasher, some workers highlight the following:

  • It is an ideal profession to know the operational chain of a kitchen from the base.Working as a dishwasher allows you to perfectly understand the functions of other positions in the kitchen without having their responsibilities.
  • With the right vision, effort, and attitude, you can go from cleaning dishes in a kitchen to being a highly regarded chef.This is the case ofMaría Marte, who in a few years went from washing dishes to having two Michelin stars.
  • This profession is found in any kitchen in the world, and as we will explain in the last section,working as a dishwashercan help you improve another language while working in another country.

A person who works as a dishwasher is in a privileged position to learn how to manage a restaurant and a kitchen while gaining experience that can be used to gradually promote themselves within a dedicated restaurant establishment.

How to find a dishwasher job?

The first thing you should do before starting tolook for a job as a dishwasheris to prepare the document that you will be asked for during the personnel selection process.Although there are different types of resumes, it is advisable to base yourself on achef resumesince it is the one that most closely resembles the tasks that you will have to carry out in a kitchen.In the curriculum you will have to include your personal data, experience and training.As the tasks of this profession are very basic, even if you do not have previous experience, with a good attitude you can achieve this job.As for education, you must have the minimum, that is, the title of Compulsory Secondary Education.

If your CV fits the profile of a dishwasher the restaurant is looking for, you may be called to answer somecommon questions in a personal interview.In this selection phase you will be asked about your skills and salary expectations.If the restaurant is interested in your profile, you may have to spend a short trial period (perhaps a day or a week) before offering you a formal contract.

What profile of dishwashers are restaurants looking for?

If you want to start working as a dishwasher quickly, take a look at theprofile of dishwashersthat most restaurants are looking for:

  • Professionalism is essential in any type of work.Being a professional means arriving to work on time and this is one of the qualities that is most valued in the dishwasher profession, punctuality.
  • The mobile phone, only for breaks.In a kitchen there is always something to do, that is why constantly using the mobile while working, in addition to being a lack of professionalism, is a lack of respect towards the rest of the colleagues.
  • With education more things are achieved.Being polite is very important in this job, if things are asked politely, the work environment will be much more cordial and friendly.
  • Have no problem wearing awaiter uniformor similar.
  • Have a good image and attitude to work.
  • Perform the functions of a dishwasher with an emphasis on hygiene.
  • Work safely to avoid accidents at work.

Work as a dishwasher abroad

If your level in another language is quite limited, you have probably heard that the best way to improve it is to live in a foreign country where that language is spoken, right?If this is your intention, you will be happy to know thatworking as a dishwasheris an ideal job to achieve your goal.

Since you don't need to talk to customers in this profession, you can have a low level of, for example, English and be working as a dishwasher in a restaurant in London, Toronto, Miami or Sydney.They will only ask you to have a certain basic level so that you can successfully carry out your tasks and be able to work as a team with other colleagues.The most important thing towork as a dishwasher abroadis not to have previous experience or to have a perfect command of the language, the most important thing is to want to work in this job, which is sometimes very demanding.

In addition to spending a long period working as a dishwasher in another country while you improve your level in another language, you also have another option to improve your language skills outside of Spain:working as a dishwasher on a cruise ship.Cruise ships are like gigantic “mobile hotels” that accommodate thousands of people between employees and customers.To be able to manage such a large number of people, a fairly large staff is needed;among which is also the dishwasher position.Workingas a dishwasher on a cruise shipcan:

  • Get a higher salary than as a dishwasher in other traditional restaurants.
  • Travel to different countries while earning money.
  • Meet people from different cultures.
  • Improve language skills in one or more languages.

In short, working as a dishwasher can be the last professional link in a kitchen.However, it is a decent and necessary job for the proper functioning of any restaurant.If in the near future you would like to work as a chef, a great start to learn all the ins and outs of a kitchen is to start working as a dishwasher.

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