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The benefits of a Food Processor for a professional cook

The world of cooking is full of ancient traditions. Without going any further, in Spain there is a great controversy about the paella recipe. There are many who defend the traditional Valencian recipe and reject any dish that does not follow these guidelines, calling it "rice with things". Creativity in the kitchen is highly appreciated, especially in avant-garde cuisine, but that doesn't mean having to betray traditional recipes. Kitchen robots represent a revolution in the world of gastronomy. They are able to speed up processes that would normally take many hours. Although some traditional chefs prefer to do all these processes manually, it doesn't make sense to spend so much time on processes that a machine can do in minutes, basically because you can use all this time to prepare more dishes. Whether you are an apprentice cook or a renowned chef, a food processor can make your life much easier when it comes to cooking.

What is a kitchen robot

Some people might think of a food processor as something like a RoboCop with a spatula. Nothing is further from reality. A kitchen robot is a machine that performs various functions, all with the aim of optimizing food preparation time by repeating different tasks already programmed . There are many types of kitchen robot that you can consult at . Some are designed for professional chefs, others for individuals, and others, for example, are used only for baking . They are usually shaped like a blender, and other names are food processing machine or all-in-one kitchen machine.

What does a food processor do?

The quick answer is: anything you can imagine. A food processor can cut, chop, slice, blend, cook food, steam and even knead . Kitchen robots of higher range, and depending on the model, can perform more functions. A food processor is like several appliances in one. One of its main functions is to process food . Thanks to the adjustable blades, you can choose between cutting, processing and slicing many types of food: meat, vegetables, fruit... There are some models that can even bake at temperatures of up to 180º. So the question should be: what doesn't a food processor do?

I am a chef, how can a food processor help me?

There are many ways in which a food processor can be very useful in a professional kitchen. These machines are essential in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, pastry shops, schools, catering ... Although professional models are more expensive than those designed for individuals, they offer reliable operation, easy to use and, above all, long-lasting. These food processors make it possible to reduce the preparation time of some dishes and significantly increase the production of dishes per hour . On the one hand, they include large glasses for large productions of dishes and also allow the standardization of culinary recipes so that they always maintain the same quality, finishes and quantity of ingredients.

Advantages and disadvantages

The best brands of household appliances have their own models of food processors: Kenwood, Moulinex, Tefal, Thermomix... One of the advantages of these machines is safety. Most models include automatic locking and shutdown systems so that the user does not suffer accidents with the blades. Another advantage is cleaning, its removable parts are dishwasher safe, making things much easier. It allows you to make thousands of recipes much faster than traditionally. However, professional models are quite expensive. Also, getting replacement parts can be a challenge, and with technology constantly advancing, it's easy to get out of date.

Let yourself be advised

You must choose the type of kitchen robot well according to the use you are going to give it. Cooking for your family is not the same as cooking thousands of dishes in a restaurant. Depending on the needs of our business , we will need one model or another. There are robots specialized in confectionery and others that are capable of crushing ice. Depending on the characteristics of the machine, its price will vary a lot, the most affordable models range from 200 euros and the most expensive can exceed 1,000 euros. To know with certainty which kitchen robot you need in your business, it is advisable to seek advice from experts such as those on the web Kitchen Robots Online .

Cooking is a discipline in constant evolution. If our ancestors saw the current kitchen robots, they would surely be very impressed, although it is also possible that they did not understand what this gadget is. These machines allow thousands of recipes to be cooked , greatly reduce preparation time, are silent and easy to clean. Although the best models can be expensive for an individual, their advantages are innumerable. If you want your kitchen to go to the next level, choose the food processor that best suits your needs.

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