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The best 10 jobs that do not require experience in the United States

Jobs in the United States where neither experience, any qualifications, licenses or certificates matter

LAlthough experience is usually well regarded by employers in the United States, like everything else, there are alternatives, options where seniority is not so relevant. So if you do not have a special level of knowledge in a work area, rest assured that here we will expose a series of available jobs that do not require any specific preparation.

Specifically, there are 10 jobs in the United States where experience, some qualifications, licenses or certificates do not matter. This information was compiled with information obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jobs that do not need experience in the United States

Plumber – plumber

A plumber or plumber earns around $56,330 a year, and they don't need a college degree for this, although a certification wouldn't hurt. With this your income level would rise. It is worth mentioning that this is expected to have a great boom, in fact the appearance of 20,000 employees is expected until 2029.


As for this job specialization, $47,410 dollars are obtained annually. They are highly demanded since all construction requires mixtures, roofing, tile application, etc., and these are things that only masons can do. Given this, they earn $10,000 more than other types of workers.

Of course, to become a bricklayer you will probably have to be another construction worker, be in another area, so that you learn the practical.

Commercial Truck Driver $47,130

$47,130 dollars is what you earn in this type of job with no experience. Truck drivers were few in 2021, but in 2022, a large number of filled vacancies are expected. So keep an eye on the offers, which will surely raise your salary.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant earns $40,990 a year and it is expected that for this job, although they will not ask for experience, the tasks will be more arduous due to the shortage of workers in the USA.

Before, you will probably earn around $26,880 at first, but as time goes on you will reach the salary mentioned above.

Construction worker

A construction worker earns $37,080 dollars annually, and they are generally held by Latinos. Why? Because experience is not necessary.

Among the characteristics of this work is the fact that it is a job that requires many physical tasks. It is generally well demanded, at least it was positioned in 2020, and it is expected to be repeated in 2022.

delivery driver

Delivery drivers are characterized by annual earnings of $34,340, at least this season is expected to be so. This work quickly became vital in the pandemic, since for prevention reasons, home delivery was activated more than ever, and therefore drivers became indispensable.

This is not something that is going to change, so it is an easy job to obtain thanks to its high demand. Given this, you could earn $34,340.

security guard

To be a guard you just need a high school degree. Many companies in the USA do not ask for so many requirements, beyond being focused, detailed or managing certain knowledge in labor defense. For this you would get $31,080 a year.

Given this work, it is believed that 33,300 new vacancies will open between now and 2029.

Taxi driver

$25,980 dollars a year is what you would earn if you became a taxi driver. For this, the United States has cities like NY where taxi drivers are highly demanded. The best thing about this is that you do not need experience, much less a particular education.


Bartenders have an annual salary of $24.9.60 dollars, although this could increase if you obtain one or another certification. Per hour you may earn $22.93 in tips.


$23,740 dollars a year is what you would get as a waiter without any experience, beyond the desire to work and do it well. In fact, many restaurants have their own policies to train their employees in the tasks they will do.

How much do they pay per hour? $20.46 dollars, that includes tips.

For today we finish our list of jobs without experience in the United States. We invite you to be attentive to our next publications, which will surely give you new options.

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