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Tips to be a better cook (if possible)

Some will seem like silly advice and some will be obvious, but I'm sure you'll find a few that will be revealing, and with that I'm happy. Also, since I am not omniscient, I am convinced that you will have many more to contribute in the comments . oh! And they are not in order of importance, but as they have come to mind.

1. Sharpen your knives

Because there is nothing more hateful (and dangerous) than trying to cut with dull knives. So get a good sharpener or, better yet, have them professionally sharpened from time to time . You'll see how wonderful.

2. Always use extra virgin olive oil

Because for the difference in price, you get a much higher quality oil , which better resists temperatures and the passage of time, is healthier and, well, it is much better and tastier. And if it's a new crop , I won't even tell you.

3. Buy quality salt

Skimping on the salt makes no sense . Even the most expensive of salts has a negligible impact on the cost of a meal, and you wouldn't change a salad, some toast or a piece of meat with a quality flake salt.

4. Freeze sliced ​​bread

And so you can defrost just the amount you want and directly in the toaster. There's nothing like a good piece of toast in the morning without having to go down to buy the bread or having to defrost an entire loaf.

5. Clear your kitchen bench

Unintentionally, we tend to accumulate things on the counter. Pots, toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, choppers, mixers... we have so many things in the kitchen that we end up having to peel and cut potatoes in a corner. Clear your kitchen, put away everything you don't use on a daily basis and you will work much more comfortably.

6. Have a (good) frying pan just for potato tortillas

Unless you like them to stick together or you never make tortillas at all, this is my advice: a good frying pan solely and exclusively for the potato omelette. I would even go so far as to say don't scrub it, and just wipe it down with some kitchen paper. Saint's hand.

7. Dress your salads in order

In the case of the dressing, the order of the factors does alter the product

8. When making pasta, wait to add the salt until the water starts to boil

Salted water has a higher boiling point and a higher specific heat, so it will take longer and use more energy to heat it than if we add it when it starts to boil.

9. Store chicken and fish broth in ice buckets

These small doses are perfect for giving all kinds of sauces and creams a punch of flavor without having to prepare a broth on purpose.

10. When making broth, make mo

For making more broth then you can give yourself rice like this in a jiffy

This way you can save it for future uses, like the one mentioned in the previous step, or to make delicious dishes like fideuá , baked rice , arroz a banda ... and a lot more rice dishes.

11. When making white rice, whenever there is

White rice can be kept in the fridge for several days and used to spice up salads , wok vegetables, accompany meat and fish...

12. Always have parchment paper

For the oven, it is better than aluminum foil in many cases, both for desserts and for savory recipes. It is much more resistant (it does not break or tear) and never sticks, perfect for meat, fish and vegetables.

13. Plant your small urban garden with aromatic herbs

Peppermint, basil, rosemary, parsley, chives... a few pots in a sunny window form an urban garden that guarantees a constant supply of delicious aromatic herbs that will bring all your dishes to life.

14. Try adding aromatic herbs to the salad

You'll be amazed how a simple salad changes with a little mint, chives and fresh basil.

15. Do not forget to put the lid on the pots

You'll see how quickly the water boils compared to not covering it (and what you save on electricity or gas).

16. Turn off the oven before cooking is finished

And take advantage of the residual heat to finish cooking the food, which is silly to leave a hot oven empty.

17. Let food cool down before putting it in the fridge

Putting hot things in the fridge or freezer can cause the temperature to rise much higher than expected, even defrosting nearby food .

18. If you buy fresh aromatic herbs, freeze the leftovers

Aromatic herbs can be frozen without losing their properties . Preferably already chopped and vacuum-packed or wrapped. So it will take out and start using.

19. Save the fat from roasting the chicken

Yes, the one that stays on the oven tray unless there is a lot of bread on the table. It is perfect for caramelizing onions , sautéing vegetables or giving a juicy touch to breasts. The same goes for the fat that the bacon releases.

20. Change the cloths and scouring pads regularly

Even if you clean them well, they are a nest of microscopic life, so if you want a clean kitchen, use clean cloths.

21. That the light is not lacking in your kitchen

Darkness and candlelight for romantics, in the kitchen it is important to see what we are doing. Often the light on the ceiling is not enough, so it is a good idea to add LED strips under the cabinets to add light and not make us shadow with the body.

22. If your pan sticks, change it

This pan is to change

When a nonstick pan starts to stick and becomes a sticky pa , it's time to change it, or it will make you end up giving up certain types of preparation and abusing the oil to prevent food from sticking.

23. Use the right size pan

Overfilling a pan causes food to tend to cook rather than sauté, going from crisp and tender to mushy and bland.

24. Try adding sugar to vegetables

Onion is a classic case for adding sugar , but try carrots, tomatoes, or any other veggies that have a hint of sweetness, too.

25. Get a kitchen thermometer

This way you will know when the meat has reached the right temperature or the broth is ready to serve. They are worth four dollars ( there are some for 10 or 20 euros ) and you will feel like a professional.

26. Do not miss the measuring spoons

Because that way we will surely not fail to put a spoonful of anything . Preferably metallic ones , which are less prone to lingering flavors and are more durable.

27. A kitchen weight, essential

Especially for desserts, but a kitchen weight is also very practical for all kinds of preparations, such as pasta or rice. Measuring by weight is much more accurate than by volume .

28. You can never have enough spices...

Although you have to be careful because they lose flavor over time, a good range of spices at home will help us give a special touch to any dish , even some lentils .

29. ...not enough sauces either

Especially if we want to explore other cuisines: soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce...

30. There are more vinegars than Modena

A different vinegar goes well with each salad , and in addition to the white and hackneyed Modena vinegar there are many more: orange, strawberry, raspberry, red wine, Sherry... be sure to try all you find .

31. Experiment with monovarietal oils

An oil changes a lot depending on the type of olive with which it is made (hojiblanca, picual, arbequina, cornicabra...) and we must know which one to use in each case, because frying is not the same as dressing a salad or putting it in a toast.

32. Do not stop trying new things

Because although traditions are very good and I think it's important to respect them, trying new recipes or inventing some is one of the most fun things in the kitchen , so don't stop doing it.

33. And don't be afraid to make mistakes

I don't post things that go wrong, but I'd give to keep another blog just about culinary disasters. Because not everything always works out the first time, especially when you test, so do n't be afraid of making mistakes , which is inevitable in the kitchen. And if someone at the table complains, you give them the apron and prepare to laugh.

To the stoves!

Valencian bonus: the paellas are made in steel pans (oxidisable)

No non-stick pans or those weird black with white dots. A good paella has to be made in a steel pan to get the beloved "socarraet", which is the rice that burns and sticks to the base. Doing it in another type of container is one of the many aberrations committed against paella.

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