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Vacancy Waiter Job – Waiter

Within the food and beverage service chain,  the figure of the waiter stands out  because he is in charge of carrying out the effort of the entire work team, you will be the link between the kitchen and the diners because you will bring harmony to the table with a distinction service, your function is very important since you will be part of one of the most important moments in any culture that is to share food thanks to you it will be possible and pleasant, as a waiter you require physical and mental skills with a mixture of culinary knowledge and refined tastes all aimed at serving customers with quality.

The importance of being a good waiter

Nowadays the search for waiters becomes more and more difficult, getting staff with great human talent, with the desire to progress and with a good attitude is to take care of it, for this reason we offer you one of the best jobs that exist in the service area of restaurants you will have an excellent salary.

You must develop your ability to observe, sensitivity and other important qualities such as respect, tolerance and a taste for pleasing the diner to do your job successfully. For this job, you need to fulfill certain tasks, such as assembling tables, an activity that you must carry out with strict cleanliness and accuracy in detail, the service protocol that will be a real challenge, since you must know how to approach your clients to satisfy their tastes and who wish to return.

How much does a waiter earn?

Currently the salary of a waiter in Latin America is between $300/350 USD . If the restaurant is 4-5 stars, the salary is above $550-600 USD. In Spain the salary is much higher, it is between €800-1000 per month.

10 Qualities of a Good Waiter

  1. Good customer service management.
  2. Handling complaints and difficult customers.
  3. Solve problems if the clients are special, example if they are (Vegans, Jews)
  4. Good knowledge of spirits and wines.
  5. Having the ability to recommend a good dish depends on the occasion (if they are a couple or a group of friends)
  6. Have good communication skills with guests.
  7. Sales skills, since he is the main salesperson in the restaurant.
  8. Understand the difference in Treatment for children, women, couples and men.
  9. Know the menu perfectly since the clients will ask you for recommendations about the dishes.
  10. Keep a good mood, sometimes the kitchen makes mistakes in your case is not to let the problem affect the service.

Job offer for Waiters or Waiters 

We request waiter staff throughout Spain this is one of the most demanded jobs in our country for every 113 inhabitants there is 1 waiter

On the other hand, there are companies that receive support for small interns and staff working in restaurants that open vacancies only for them, such as the fedex job bank where you can find vacancies given the opportunity that arises before said job.

Waiter job in Madrid

We are looking for a Waiter in the city of Madrid  with a good presence and a good attitude who is older than 20 years for the work of a la carte service, protocol and sommelier to apply to this offer  enter here

Waiter job in Barcelona

We are looking for a part-time waiter in the province of Barcelona to work at  HOSPEDIS HOSTELERIA  with a minimum experience of 1 year in the sector, rotating shifts and salary according to the agreement, a better salary will be valued if you have a high level of languages ​​to apply  enter here 

Waiter Job in USA

We are looking for waiters/waitresses in the entire area of ​​Miami  – USA, with or without experience, we will give you all the training possible to provide good customer service to apply for this offer  enter here 

Waiter Job ( WAITER/WAITRESS ) in New York 

If you are a Waiter with a good attitude and you love to learn you may be interested in this job if you want to apply visit  this link

Waiter Job in Houston TX 

We are looking for personnel to work in a dynamic environment and with a good taste for teamwork, offering good customer service and good help to other restaurant employees,  apply right now here

Waitress jobs in Colombia

Important restaurant chains are looking for professional staff who provide excellent customer service, with a good attitude and a desire to climb within the restaurant.

HICO FISH SAS Requires Waiters in Bogota

We request personnel with 2 years of experience in a restaurant chain with prior knowledge of BPM (Good Handling Practices) with full-time availability, with good personal presentation and who provides good customer service if you want to know more about this offer apply here

Waiters in Exclusive Bar in Medellin

We require a young person with the ability to provide excellent customer service who may have various trades including cleaning, opening and closing the premises, we will give you all the necessary guidelines so that you know the working method in this establishment you must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in high-end hotels and that you have the age between 23 to 30 years if you want to apply for this job you can follow us here

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