When starting new businesses, or continuing with them, we must understand the different functions that the different roles have within the organization chart of our company. In this case we will talk mainly about the kitchen and especially about the responsibilities of the chef.


In the hierarchy of a kitchen, something quite useful as long as it is done in a rational and fair way, a very common phrase that has different readings is fundamental, "THE BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT". This does not mean more than that the greatest and total responsibility falls on him, and despite the fact that we are all human and the boss can also make mistakes, it is preferable that he is wrong with his responsibility than you with yours. It is nothing more than orders of responsibilities.


When you enter a kitchen and you have little experience, you usually do it from below, or washing dishes or peeling potatoes. And this is great, since many think that this is a waste of time, because there are already catering schools where they teach you…. I tell them no. Despite studying to be a "CHEF", you must start in a kitchen from the bottom... now you will see why.    


After passing the lowest part of the ladder we will go up, increasing the level of responsibility with each position we climb, and surely increasing mental wear and minimizing something physical or so at least it is the theory. Go to kitchen assistant, from there to cook, then be responsible for a game in the kitchen, be the 2nd boss and finally be the chef.


Now you will understand why we must start from the bottom despite having studied cooking.


The most direct responsibilities of a chef are:


1. The general organization of the kitchen

It is essential that the boss manages order in the kitchen, from schedules, employee profiles, possible unforeseen events, placement of all things. In a way, it performs the basis of kitchen feng shui.

2. Order raw material

The chef is always in direct contact with the suppliers, after preparing the orders, he is in charge of contacting them and demanding the highest quality and good service in order to continue with his objective.

3. Be responsible for the utility of the kitchen

Everything goes through him, the head chef is a funnel man/woman, through whom all information must pass and must ensure that the facilities are maintained and that they are used properly, as well as their machinery.

4. Hire staff

The head chef will be in charge of reviewing the profiles of people who work in the kitchen, since all of them will ultimately form a family and he is as if he were the patriarch.

5. Train your staff

And as such a patriarch, he must build and increase the level of knowledge of his team, since he is well aware that his team will be only as strong as its weakest link.

6. Supervise the kitchen at the time of service

The chef is the conductor of the orchestra where, when raising the baton, everyone must follow him, while he sets the pace and gives the orders so that everything is executed in sync.

7. Supervise cleaning.

It is basic that everything is impeccable and the responsibility of a chef is to check that everything is like that.


To be able to attend to all these types of functions, it is essential that before being a boss you have gone through all levels of a kitchen, since in practice you will know and experience the different situations that you will later have to resolve when the responsibility of making decisions be yours

If we add to this figure that the head chef is the Chef, that is, the one who makes the last decision and normally the owner (in the case of small restaurants), there are a series of extra functions, such as choosing the menus of personally, or make all the decisions that have to do directly with the kitchen.

The profiles of people who become chefs are not usually common, since great physical resistance is needed, and above all mental, agility with numbers, ease and mastery when cooking and an ingredient that is hardly you can acquire what is the passion for the work you do.

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