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What is a Head Chef and what are his functions?

The chef figure is the maximum representation of a kitchen. It is the person who has to direct a professional kitchen and is in charge of managing the kitchen brigade , having to have the function of leader. It is what all our students in the kitchen area have to aspire to.

be a chef

The figure as such, must be embodied by a person who is creative, innovative, with the ability to excel and who knows techniques and flavors.

The values ​​of a chef

We could define him as a leader with personality and humility. The first thing you have to convey are values. Some values ​​that, having them himself, he must instill in his team.

Within the functions of head chef, the main one will be to train your team as high-level chefs, and as people, transmitting values ​​such as camaraderie, respect, responsibility, passion, positivism.

The training of a chef

A chef must have a background that makes a difference. Today with so much supply and demand in this field, we have to be more and better trained.

To train as a chef, the first thing will be a good base, cooking studies at a school, daily practice to perfect.

But it does not end there, a head chef must live in constant learning through books, articles, seminars, updating and renewal courses, etc. Always in constant evolution, what is fashionable or booming today, tomorrow will be obsolete.

A chef outside the kitchens

In addition to a good cultural base, who has traveled, who knows other countries, other cultures, their ingredients, their dishes, their lifestyles, what they eat, what time, their tastes...; in short, a series of knowledge that is acquired over the years and with the aptitude that the person has to learn and learn more about one of the most important worlds like this, gastronomy or food in short.

Added to this are new needs for knowledge. At the level of languages, for example, you have to know at least English and with a good level, be it a B1 or similar.

Duties of a chef

The functions to carry out the business will be:

  • work planning
  • Staff Election
  • Preparation of menus, letters, etc.
  • Dealing with suppliers
  • listen to customers

In short, a chef must control everything related to food in a business, up to the economic limit, to know if what we are doing is producing wealth for the company. We have to know everything and be constantly evolving.


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